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    Whistler PRO-78 SE High-Performance Radar Detector with Blue Text Display

    Radar/Laser Detector

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    • Total Band protection with selectable bands
    • Exclusive twin alert periscopes
    • Intellicord-ready
    • Real Voice alerts
    • Radar Signature ID (RSID)

    Whistler PRO-78 SE Radar Detector


    Whistler's Pro-78SE is a detector that maximizes sensitivity and minimizes falsing. Ka Max Mode gives you improved Ka Band sensitivity. Radar Signature ID displays known Ka gun frequencies to help distinguish threats, and Laser Signature ID does the same by displaying pulses per second of received laser signals. Take advantage of 360-degree coverage for all radar and laser bands, Whistler's patented POP-mode detection, and a wealth of other features in this compact detector.

    The Pro-78SE maximizes sensitivity and minimizes falsing.

    Blue Text Display
    The brilliant blue text display provides distinct visual confirmation of signals detected, signal strength, and indicates engaged modes of operation.

    Filter Mode
    There are times when a radar detector can emit the same frequency as police radar and can cause your detector to falsely alarm. Sometimes a detector can display a signal when picking up another radar detector in vehicle close by. The Whistler Filter Mode checks the signal to verify if it's a legitimate police radar or a false alert from another detector.

    Auto Dim Mode
    The Auto Dim feature automatically switches the illumination of the text display between the bright and dim settings according to varying light conditions so that the text display will always be easy to read.

    Add the Whistler INTELLICORD and you'll be able to remotely control the radar detector in settings such as power on/off, city modes, dim/dark and quiet/auto quiet with a simple press of a button.

    Real Voice Alerts

    Real Voice provides added information to the detected signal over and above the simple band ID tones from internal speaker.

    Add the Whistler INTELLICORD for remote control of radar detector settings.

    Real Voice provides added information to the detected signal over and above the simple band ID tones. The unit says "X band" when it detects an X band signal. This allows you to keep your eyes on-the-road. Real Voice is also used to articulate Safety Warning System messages and feature selections. Real Voice will be used to articulate the following:

    • Band Identification
    • Safety Warning System messages
    • Feature Selection

    Low Profile Alert Periscopes
    Whistler's Low Profile Alert Periscopes provide an added attention getting visual alert. The two extra LEDs flash on and off when the unit alarms to provide a unique visual alert.

    3 City Modes/Highway Mode
    Highway mode provides full audio and visual warning of laser/radar systems while maintaining full sensitivity. Highway mode is the default setting of all Whistler's laser/radar detectors. City mode helps reduce the annoyance of automatic door openers and burglar alarm alerts by providing an initial alert (same distance as Highway Mode) then remaining quiet unless the signal strength becomes very strong. When the signal increases the unit will alert briefly to notify you of the change in signal strength.

    Stay Alert
    The Stay Alert feature is designed to test a driver's alertness. Within 30 to 60 seconds after the feature is engaged an alert is sounded; to show alertness, the driver must press the volume, city or the mute button within 3-5 seconds. If a button is pressed within 3-5 seconds, the cycle is repeated. If a button was not pressed within 3-5 seconds the unit alarms at full volume and the display shows an unique visual alert.

    Quiet/Auto Quiet Modes
    Pressing QUIET before a signal is detected engages Auto Quiet Mode, which automatically reduces the audio level after the initial warning to a low audio level setting. Pressing QUIET during a radar/laser encounter silences audio alerts, while allowing visual alerts to keep you informed.

    Alert Priority
    When two or mor e signals are received at the same time, the alert priority is: Laser, VG-2, Speed Radar, Safety Radar.

    Example: If X band is alerting, then suddenly a VG-2 signal is detected, the VG-2 warning will override the X band alert.

    Vehicle Battery Saver Mode
    The Vehicle Battery Saver Mode automatically shuts off your detector within 3 hours if you forget to turn it off. The timer is reset if the detector is turned off, unplugged or any button is pressed before the 6 hours have expired. The detector will alert you with an audible and visual warning before it shuts off.

    Safety Warning System--SWS
    This relatively new radar is not for speed detection at all, it is used to keep you informed of highway safety. Transmitters are installed and programmed (for example: in emergency vehicles) to make you aware of possible situations that may require your attention, such as: ambulance vehicles that are moving or stationary, road hazards ahead, road construction delays or detours, etc.

    ** Sales package contents and specifications may different without notice

    Package Contains :
    • Whistler PRO-78 SE
    • Power Cord
    • Direct Wire Kit
    • Windshield Mount
    • Dash Pad
    • User's Manual
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    Customer Reviews
    by: Flying Chrysler (United States)
    on: Wednesday, 6-October-2010
    • Currently 4/5 Stars.
    I have been using this radar detector for about a month now, and it is great. I would like to start off by saying that I think many people have unrealistic ideas of what a radar detector will do for them. It isnt the Police Spotter 2000, no radar detector will pick up any and every police car in a 5 mile radius of you, it is unrealistic and wishful to believe that it will. I looked at the 9500i and the V1, and guess what, there are bad customer reviews on both of them, people saying that they are the worst radar detectors on the market. It is important to understand what a radar detector will do for you, once you do, you can more fully grasp the Whistler Pro 78SE.

    I enjoy the voice alerts, its useful to not always have to take your eyes off the road and still be able to tell what band the detector is picking up. I do not really have a lot of trouble with false alerts, and I drive with it always on highway mode, with all the bands turned on, and Ka on MaxId mode, with POP mode is on as well. I do get some false alerts from POP mode, but I also believe it has saved me a couple times when it would have otherwise remained silent if POP mode was turned off. Other people have really enjoyed the blue LED periscopes on top of the detector, that blink when it is alerting, but I have it mounted high on the windshield near the rear view mirror, so I do not really see the blinking LED lights.
    I dont really have any other radar detector experience to reference this review on, but there have been times when this detector has picked up police K band at nearly three miles (wreck on the highway, police had their cars facing the oncoming traffic and had their constant-on radar still active) and there have been times when I have spotted the speed trap before the detector has alerted. Im sure there are a great many technical factors that play into how and when the detector alerts, and overall I am very happy with its performance.
    I cannot stress enough that it is important to be aware of what ANY radar detector is capable of doing for you. A lot of reviews Ive read of other radar detectors have people complaining about how they were driving excessively fast, the radar detector didnt go off, and now they have to pay a fat ticket. Having a radar detector does not instantly and inconsequentially allow you to drive as fast as you want wherever you want. If youre going to do that you need to remain very alert, always watching the road and its surroundings, and work in conjunction with the detector to ensure that you do not get pulled over, and be prepared at some point to lose the game, and end up getting pulled over, I drive too fast, and I accept that at some point all protective measures will fail me, and I will get pulled over.
    by: Flying Chrysler on Wednesday, 6-October-2010
    by: G. Milster (United States)
    on: Saturday, 25-September-2010
    • Currently 4/5 Stars.
    A short notice driving trip from Tulsa to Washington DC came up and I knew that I was going to be driving many miles. I used to own a radar detector back when the national speed limit was 55. When the 55 mph limit was relaxed I was satisfied driving 5 mph over the limit and didnt need a radar detector. That was until I was caught in a Waskom, Texas speed trap. I was ticketed for going 5 mph over the speed limit at a cost of $180.00. Many municipalities are hurting for money and tickets are a source of revenue. Warning tickets are a thing of the past.

    On to my review of the Whistler PRO-78 SE High-Performance Radar Detector with Blue Text Display. It combines effectiveness, ease of use and an affordable price. The trip to DC and back was great. The Whistler performed admirably. There were a few false positives but not many. I travelled mostly interstates and the traffic was all speeding so I was a fish among many. I travel in my job so I expect many care free miles with my new Whistler Pro-78 SE. Unless you are driving a Ferrari or a Porshe and have $2,000.00 to spend on a state of the art radar detector I recommend this one as a best bang-for-your-buck deal out there! The only reason I didnt give it 5 starts is the short amount of time I have had to evaluate the product. Happy Motoring ;o)
    by: G. Milster on Saturday, 25-September-2010
    by: Bruce I. Watson (United States)
    on: Saturday, 10-July-2010
    • Currently 3/5 Stars.
    As a functional detector this unit is OK. However, beware that there is no verbal alerts, only differing buzzes for each band. The main drawback is the blue screen. While in its billing, one is led to believe this is a big plus, a key selling point, the reality is that in the daylight, the display washes out and becomes unviewable. At night, perfect. I expected more for the price paid. Does it detect radar? Yes, but thats about it. Id recommend paying a few dollars more and get a talking model without the blue text display.
    by: Bruce I. Watson on Saturday, 10-July-2010
    by: Matt E. (Ohio)
    on: Tuesday, 11-May-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    Great Radar Detector. Like many others, I bought this a little skeptical because some of the bad reviews I read. However, the one thing i think people that left a negative review for this product failed to do is turn the POP mode off. Doing so minimized the false alerts I got, and really makes this a great product. The blue display is really great and is auto dimming, so at night it wont distract you from the road. This product has saved me from many tickets and ultimatley paid for itself. I would recommend this detector to anyone that wants the benefits of the great detection range of the 300-400 dollar detectors but doesnt want to spend that much. KA band detection range is the best part of this product. Great value and great product.
    by: Matt E. on Tuesday, 11-May-2010
    by: S. Adams (United States)
    on: Thursday, 29-April-2010
    • Currently 4/5 Stars.
    To many false alerts, its so sensitive an arrow would be helpful like the V1. Definitely worth the money.
    by: S. Adams on Thursday, 29-April-2010
    by: J. Hamilton (Florida)
    on: Tuesday, 20-April-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    One of the reviews of the Whistler PRO-78 SE said that there was no hard wire kit even though the product description said it had it. The user was incorrect - I received my 78SE today and it does come with the kit. As proof I have uploaded a photo of the included wiring.
    by: J. Hamilton on Tuesday, 20-April-2010
    by: A. Yanovich (Upton, NY)
    on: Sunday, 18-April-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    The pro 78 detector is very simplitic to use. This detector given me 100% early warning from radars in LA and MS.
    This is by far the best radar detector I have owned!
    by: A. Yanovich on Sunday, 18-April-2010
    by: D. Jolley (Denver, CO)
    on: Monday, 15-March-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    I bought the Whistler PRO-78 SE based on reviews and am not disappointed. Like anything else, a radar detector has limitations but Im happy I bought this unit and at the best price on the web.
    by: D. Jolley on Monday, 15-March-2010
    by: Smart Shopper (Naperville, Il)
    on: Saturday, 6-March-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    This is the best radar detector for the money. Its not pricey and not cheap; its just right; especially for the price I bought it for. I drove an eight hour drive from Illinois to Missouri and as long as the highway patrol and police had their radars on, it picked it up in plenty of time for me to slow down; I never got a ticket. There was one cop sitting at the top of the hill, so it was impossible for any detector to pick the radar up on time, but once I got to the top of the hill, it went off like a madman! Luckily everyone around me was speeding, so I didnt get pulled over; when in doubt, always slow down when approaching the top of a hill. The cops know youre using one, so they do all they can to hide from you. Plus, always make sure you have cars in front of you, so when the cop radars them, your detector will pick it up. Most of the cops used K band, which was surprising; most use Ka band. When a real Ka band detector was detected, the Whistler notified you by indicating the frequency; when this display comes up, its always been a cop. Buy this one; it has a really nice blue LED display and I was able to see it in any angle sunlight. the periscopes were helpful and false alerts were filtered correctly depending on the settings you use. I read the instructions carefully on the Whistler website, so I know which ones were false. Excellent product!!! I really wanted the 695 pro SE, but I noticed the LCD display was difficult to read in bright sunlight. I really wanted to get it because of the different color LCD display selection. The PRO 78 SE has the same guts, but no LCD display. The blue LED display is very nice and displayed nicely with the blue parts of the dashboard display in my 2008 Infiniti G35S.
    by: Smart Shopper on Saturday, 6-March-2010
    by: M. Heiser (United States)
    on: Wednesday, 17-February-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    Works great! Had to turn off pop mode due to too many false positives. The false positive rate is rather high where I live (Myrtle Beach, SC); but I love how it identifies the actual frequency, i.e., X Band - 37.4. When it IDs the actual frequency (not just the band), I know for certain that its an accurate warning.
    by: M. Heiser on Wednesday, 17-February-2010
    by: Jean-marc De Jonghe (United States)
    on: Monday, 15-February-2010
    • Currently 4/5 Stars.
    Good product. Sadly no battery supported, power line only. Not well design for dashboard installation. Still a very good Quality/Price ratio.
    by: Jean-marc De Jonghe on Monday, 15-February-2010
    by: A. Theodore (Alpharetta, GA USA)
    on: Saturday, 6-February-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    This little guy works great. I recently did a 3000 km trip and the Pro-78SE saved me a ticket on a couple of occasions. It paid for itself. In the city I normally turn off X-Band as there is too many false positives, however on cross country drives X-Band is useful. I have already recommended this unit to one of my mates. It is the best detector in its price range. The operation of the unit is very simple to use and control. I also picked up the Intellicord which is a nice compliment, however the unit does come with an AC adaptor with it.
    by: A. Theodore on Saturday, 6-February-2010
    by: O. Nicholson (Artesia, NM USA)
    on: Wednesday, 6-January-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    First thing is first, this detector is very simplistic to use. This detector has very basic and straight forward instructions on mounting, and function of the detector. The only thing I do not like about this detector, is the cheaply looking power cord it comes with, which is not desperately important, just a stating that point.

    This detector has already saved me twice, once of the highway, and once in city limits. I leave it on highway mode at all times, with KaMAXID and LSID on, along with all bands on. False alerts are there in the city, but keep in mind I do have it on highway mode, and it still is not that bad at all.

    On both saves the detector has for me, both times I thought it was false alarms, because I did not see no cop at all! Then, as I was driving further down the road, cops for sure! Amazing detection range, best radar for fewer than 200 dollars in my opinion, and at 146, this is a steal! Buy this, and you will not regret it!
    by: O. Nicholson on Wednesday, 6-January-2010
    by: Dano (MA)
    on: Friday, 18-December-2009
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    I purchased this Radar Detector primarily for a recent cross country trip. It performed quite well. The PRO-78 provided me with plenty of advanced warning and minimal false alerts traveling through city areas. It is very easy to read and the voice alerts are great. The flashing warning lights on either side of the top of the radar detector are helpfull as well, especially if the volume is turned down or mutted. I have owned Whislter radar detectors in the past and have had no problems with them. By the way, dont wast your money on Rocky Mountain Radar Dectectors. They are a complete fraud. They DO NOT have the capability of jamming Police radar. I got a ticket on the highway with one of these, and had very little advanced warning of the Stae Trooper ahead. There have been several independent atricles, including videos on U-Tube showing its false claims. FAIR WARNING!!!!
    by: Dano on Friday, 18-December-2009
    by: Frank Clements (Jim Thorpe, PA USA)
    on: Monday, 30-November-2009
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    Why spend $400 one of the other radar detectors when you can have this one for under $200. Best money spent!
    by: Frank Clements on Monday, 30-November-2009
    by: M. A. Mcduffie (Walla Walla WA)
    on: Thursday, 19-November-2009
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    Simply hook up to the 12v in you car. I personally did the hard wire install in my cig lighter for a cleaner look. Now to the details:

    City Mode

    Works very well letting me know what type of gun has lasered me. However, I still get dummy alarms like CVS or another radar detector.

    Highway Mode

    I rarely get false alarms in highway mode I guess b/c there are not many stores near by. Saved me numerous tickets where the cops love to sit behind a bridge going home from work.
    by: M. A. Mcduffie on Thursday, 19-November-2009
    by: Garfield Birch (NJ)
    on: Wednesday, 18-November-2009
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    I initially had the pro 78 detector which was excellent. So when that got stolen from my wrecked car it was a no brainer to get the Pro 78se. When I came to your site and saw the negative reviews because of false alarms I was skeptical but figured I would give it a try for the price. I used the pro 78se in DE, NJ, PA, NJ and the false alarms were unbearable. I wanted to get a refund from your site but since I bought it from another merchant thru your site they would not accept a return. I then contacted Whistler directly via email. I informed them that I tried the following modes: City, City1, City2, Filter1, Filter2, KA Max off and none stopped the false alarms. He told me to try and turn the POP Mode off, I did and it is 1000% better. I love this radar detector now. If you have this radar and have false alert issue then TURN OFF THE POP MODE.
    by: Garfield Birch on Wednesday, 18-November-2009
    by: BigSky109 (United States)
    on: Monday, 16-November-2009
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    I replaced my older Whistler with this one and the new one works a lot better. More sensitive and fewer false alerts. You still have to keep an eye out for the instant on radar and use a rabbit ahead of you. It took forever to get the Whistler in, I guess the vendor sent it Pony Express. Other than that, the Whistler works excellent and is one of the best Radar Detectors under $200.00.
    by: BigSky109 on Monday, 16-November-2009
    by: O-Dawg (Indianapolis)
    on: Wednesday, 14-October-2009
    • Currently 3/5 Stars.
    I had an older Whistler brand detector for a couple years, very similar to this one. The voice alerts are identical even, so it was a smooth transition. The menus are about the same, only with extra options. The casing on this unit is nice, looks great with no shiny chrome on the top to blind you with the sun. The blue text LED display is pretty sweet, top notch. Very handy that it comes with extra wire to just connect up to the fuse box. The mount is nice too, good suction cups, they have yet to fall off.

    The only issue I really have with it is that it is overly sensitive. I dont mean a little bit, but a lot. I have everything turned down as far as it will go. As in, city 2, filter 2, etc. Which helps some, but this thing will drive you crazy if you dont dial it in right away. Pretty much just went off 85% of the time, sometimes other cars would set it off. Or large box type trucks going by would trigger an alert. After getting most of the pulse and pop and Ka extra turned off (you know, all the selling points) it does a pretty decent job. It does pick up radar, its just unfortunate that it picks up so many other things too. So much so that it makes me sort of ignore it, so when it really does go off, I am slow to react.

    I tried to give it time, see if I could just get used to it, but honestly if I were not over my 30 days I would just exchange it for another model.

    by: O-Dawg on Wednesday, 14-October-2009
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