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    The Departed [Blu-ray]

    The Departed [Blu-ray] (2006)

    • Currently 4.4/5 Stars.
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    • Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg
    • Directors: Martin Scorsese
    • Format: DVD-Video
    • Language: English

    blu-ray movies the departed


    Warner Brothers The Departed (Blu-ray) Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg star in Martin Scorsese's new crime drama 'The Departed.' 'The Departed' is set in South Boston where the state police force is waging an all-out war to take down the city's top organized crime ring. The key isto end the reign of powerful mob boss Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson) from the inside. A young rookie, Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) is assignedto infiltrate Costello's mob. While Billy is working to gain Costello's trust, another young cop, Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) is among a handful of elite officers whose mission is to bring Costello down. But what his superiors don't know is that Colin is working for Costello, keeping the crime bossone step ahead of the police. Each man becomes deeply consumed by his double life, gathering information about the plans and counter-plans of the operation he has penetrated. But when it becomes clear to both the gangsters and the police that they have a mole in their midst, Billy and Colin find themselves in constant danger of being caught-and each must race to uncover the identity of the other man in time to save himself.
    Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg
    Directors: Martin Scorsese
    Format: DVD-Video
    Language: English
    Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
    Region: All Regions
    Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
    Number of discs: 1
    Studio: Warner Home Video
    DVD Release Date: February 13, 2007
    Run Time: 151 minutes
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    Customer Reviews
    by: Timeless (Texas)
    on: Sunday, 17-October-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    I am not a fan of DiCaprio and i am normally not into this sort of movie. But this was excellent! I am just astonished that anyone could give this movie a bad rating. For once i was actually surprised by some things in this film but i cant say more or it may ruin it. If you want a flick to get engrossed in, grab some popcorn and settle in , this is the film you have been waiting for.
    by: Timeless on Sunday, 17-October-2010
    by: netnix (United States)
    on: Thursday, 7-October-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    I have watched this movie probably at least 50 times. It is awesome in all respects.
    by: netnix on Thursday, 7-October-2010
    by: Tony Khamvongsouk (Frisco, TX)
    on: Wednesday, 8-September-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    Movie - 4.5

    Gangster movies were not something I watched a lot of, at least as a kid. All the grit, violence, drama, complexities, etc. were way over my head. But in growing up, I came to acquire a taste for these things and eventually learned to like them a lot. I still havent seen any of the Godfather movies, but Ive recently been catching up on Scorsese. And in being one of the few thats actually seen and can appreciate Infernal Affairs (the original inspiration for The Departed), I have to say I was pretty excited after initially hearing Scorsese was attached to direct this Western adaption. When I first saw The Departed on DVD some years ago, Id never seen a whole Scorsese film in any kind of entirety, but I knew his films by name and heard he was a great director. After finally watching his most renowned work in Goodfellas, I could see why he earned such praise. With that said, upon this subsequent viewing of the The Departed I definitely like it a lot more than I did initially. Its the story of two moles: a gangster in the police and a cop in the mob. The two work their opposing bosses into trusting them, but the bosses are on to the fact that there is, indeed, an enemy mole within their own outfits. Violence, deception, drama, and thrills ensue as each mole gets closer to finding the other. In terms of comparison, Id have to say Infernal Affairs makes for a more entertaining and fast-paced story with its kinetic score and attention to subtlety in both narrative and characters for the viewer to fill in on their own (along with 50 minutes less in running time). On the other hand, Scorsese does a wonderful job in making his version more of a character drama with the elements of the aforementioned on the side and set on the mean streets of South Boston that works very well, though tends to feel a bit cumbersome and underwhelming at times (like the love triangle, the lack of empathy for Nicholsons character compared to his Chinese counterpart, or the overuse of record label songs as opposed to an actual score). However, the film more than makes up for these shortcomings through a wonderful script and some excellent performances with an A-list cast, particularly Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Martin Sheen, and a very foul-mouthed (though funny to listen to) Mark Wahlberg. Both are excellent movies in their own right that should cater to either side of the spectrum depending your preference for flash and execution vs. grit and progression, though Id personally lean a little more towards the original just because it doesnt feel as tedious in certain aspects.

    Video - 4.5

    For being one of the flagship BDs from Warner Brothers early days into HD home video, the video quality actually looks pretty good. Compared to other flagship titles released from around the same time, in which some of them do or dont still hold up to todays standards, The Departed presents itself very well. The first thing that caught my eye during Nicholsons little prologue speech were the black levels and shadow delineation. As you see his silhouette walking through with a white background behind him, it instantly set the tone for me and made for some lovely foreshadowing to the films narrative about the deceit, secrets, and hiding to occur throughout. Colors arent very bold, and are even a bit drab, but still manage to put some real-world depth into the picture making the audience know full well that the grit and dirtiness are there. Blues, grays, and blacks tend to stick out the most in the form of police uniforms, gangster attire, and various low-lit settings, while red tends to show themselves a bit more towards the end when people start getting offd. Contrast is also excellent and helps to accentuate some very fine textures and facial features from the creases in shirts and lining in suits to the stubble of unshaven mob goons and the wrinkles under their eyes. Overall image detail has a great deal of clarity and sharpness with near-reference quality outside of some artifacts and debris that pop up on occasion and the every-so-often instance of overly red skin tones. But all things considered, audiences should be pleased with the picture quality and that it didnt end up as badly botched as say.. Batman Begins or V for Vendetta was.

    Audio - 4.5

    Using that memory-eater of a codec in Uncompressed PCM , The Departed outputs at a constant bitrate of 4.6Mbps and sounds just as excellent as one could hope. The movie starts off silent and fades into Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter at a very adequate volume that gives the film some ambiance, but never overpowers Nicholsons opening speech. Dialogue throughout remains clear and discernible from the center channel, and I was very.. amused at how well I could understand those Bostonian accents (still had to turn the subtitles on, just to be safe). Directionality is a bit sparse, but does take advantage of the clarity of lossless audio by giving off some very fine subtleties in sound effects like the opening and closing of doors, the churning of cars plodding down the street, the ringing of telephones across the room, and the approaching footsteps of people off screen. Music varies between a lot of cuts of Gimme Shelter and Dropkick Murphys Im Shipping Up to Boston and a little bit of score from Howard Shore here and there. For the most part, its a fairly music-less sound scape with the dialogue doing most of the work, though gunshots and fist fights make themselves known when need be. Separation is handled perfectly between all of these elements with a lot of the music staying in the front and guns and punches panning between the fronts and rears, most notably during a raid scene towards the end. The only downside to this audio presentation is the lack of any potent LFEs, which obviously dont have very many moments to shine aside from some bass in the music, but its still a fine movie without them.

    Extras - 3.5

    With just over 45 minutes of special features, there are two of them presented: one talking about infamous Southie gangster Whitey Bulger (whom Nicholsons character is based on), and another featurette talking about Scorseses history in film as well as his previous experiences in the gangster genre. The Whitey Bulger segment adds an intriguing sense of realism. There are various interviews with news correspondents, former law enforcement officials, and even former mob men that talk about the scope and influence of Bulger, the power he possessed for almost 30 years, and a little bit of the of stigma a person like him carried around. Im still a bit new to the gangster genre myself and found this to be a pretty cool piece of information. It wasnt overly factual, but still managed to tell me enough that I could relate it to the movie and give it a more objective view. The Scorsese portfolio segment was a very great watch. Like I said, Im just now getting into him as a director and it fascinates me to learn about his history growing up, the kinds of films he made, and a lot of the similarities and influences those works share with one another. I see him as being quite charismatic, and Im a bit disappointed they didnt include a commentary of some sort for the movie itself. Then finally, there are also deleted scenes in SD with introductions for each one. All in all, there arent a lot of specials in terms of quantity, but I personally enjoyed them for the outright quality.

    Overall - 4.5

    The Departed is a fine adaptation of Infernal Affairs that really works for western audiences. Its not as flashy or well-executed in terms of screenplay, but it makes up for those losses in gritty atmosphere and more fleshed-out characters. And who better to portray this than a man whos certainly becoming one of my favorite directors in Martin Scorsese. I was shocked that he never won an Oscar prior to this film, but Im glad to see he got his just due at some point. If you like cop/gangster thrillers, this would probably be near the top of my recommendations (though I would also say you try Infernal Affairs if you dont mind subtitles). With excellent video and audio specs and a good amount of informative extras, The Departed comes highly recommended.
    by: Tony Khamvongsouk on Wednesday, 8-September-2010
    by: SPud (United States)
    on: Sunday, 5-September-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    Product brand new, incredibly fast shipping (delivered 2 days after order was placed without paying extra), would buy from again
    by: SPud on Sunday, 5-September-2010
    by: Cosmoetica (New York, USA)
    on: Wednesday, 1-September-2010
    • Currently 3/5 Stars.
    As for anything `deeper, in a film like this one cannot really dig into issues like cultural identity, or masculinity and violence, because, while they are there, they are there at such a superficial level (as opposed to, say, the same theme of violence in Taxi Driver or Raging Bull, explored at a far deeper level). On a technical level, the film does employ music well, and the film succeeds with its many quick cuts, even if more longer paced scenes should have been interspersed to let the actors truly act and cogitate on their lives, beyond the overacting DiCaprio does on Fermigas couch. Cinematographer Michael Ballhaus does his usual competent job, especially in the retro look of some scenes, which open and close with irises.

    The two disk DVD, by Warner Brothers, is naturally bloated. There are not enough extras to need a second disk, and furthermore, for a two disk set, they commit the ultimate crime: no film commentary by Scorsese nor any of the leads. There are nine deleted scenes prefaced by Scorseses reasons for omission, a profile called Scorsese On Scorsese, a documentary on the criminal this film was based upon: Boston crime kingpin, James `Whitey Bulger, a documentary on what influenced Scorseses crime films, and the theatrical trailer. Solid stuff, but for two disks, more- especially an audio commentary, should be standard issue. But, were the movie better, the gripes re: the DVD package would be minimal.

    As it is, The Departed is good Hollywood fluff, yet, given that its Scorsese, more is expected, although I have the sinking feeling that, like Woody Allen, he will never produce another masterpiece. This film follows a standard cops and crooks formula, which, in and of itself, is not a bad thing- consider the 1997 crime masterpiece, L.A. Confidential. The difference is that where that film took a genre formula and twisted it from pulp melodrama into real drama, via the writing and performances, as well as ending the film with a satisfying twist that was unexpected in the small, even if expected in the large (the good guys won), The Departed does the inverse, never rising above melodrama (even if good), and ending the film with a bad twist, of the worst deus ex machina sort. If you watch the film, dont expect much of an aesthetic not intellectual rush, only some mildly entertaining moments, crafted really well. If you want the former, go watch some earlier films from the Scorsese canon. Unfortunately, given his recent output, that last line was also likely seen coming from a mile away.
    by: Cosmoetica on Wednesday, 1-September-2010
    by: Quentin Tarantino Fan (nowhere)
    on: Saturday, 14-August-2010
    • Currently 4/5 Stars.
    For all the generic crime films that come out each and ever year, Martin Scorsese is one of those people who you can always count on making a more substantial stand out crime film. After all, hes the one who made the best mob movies ever (Goodfellas), created a very influential independent crime film (Mean Streets), and numerous other crime films that stand out among the crowded genre (Gangs of New York, Casino). Oh sure, not all of them are equal, but they do stand out and are great films in the face, what a generic genre. Never mind.

    Scorsese has taken us everywhere in the crime genre, from the gritty low of the New York Streets, the mob, and even the 1860s. This time, Scorsese takes us to the streets of Boston, giving us insight into the corruption of the Boston Police Department. Scorsese doesnt quite reach the level of his other crime films, as the film comes off as a very well written, intricate crime film, top notch entertainment only. Its a twisty, sometimes plot hole ridden, crime film about two moles criss-crossing and converging in numerous ways possible, a very compelling crime film, done with great direction from Martin Scorsese (though nowhere near the level of Goodfellas, I mean come on).

    However, Im of the opinion that I find this movie to be a little overrated. Its hardly Scorseses best work, and personally, I found The Aviator and Gangs of New York to be both better than the Departed. Its also a little generic compared to Goodfellas, which is surely one of the prime crime films that transcends the ordinary crime film genre. I think what this film lacks is insight, and the personal examination element is nowhere as profound as some of his other films. Wheres the examination of the duality of being in crime, of how deadly alluring being a mobster can be? Wheres the searing ugliness of relationships previously shown (Sharon Stone, Lorraine Bracco). Wheres the message that shows you just how ugly and messed up being in crime can be? When watching Goodfellas, no other film shows the long-term and life wrecking nature of being in crime. Henry Hill loses everything and has to enter the witness protection program, putting in jail the friends that gave him the of his life. Best film since Goodfellas? Hardly.

    Rather, the Departed comes off as a very well done trip into the Boston crime unit, but a largely meaningless look into the Boston Crime unit beyond showing corruption of the whole thing. Sure, the themes of identity are always interesting, but thats not really that profound is it? Identity ________ things up and can put us into ______, I think thats easy to figure out. Its also fairly bland compared to Goodfellas, which style is so distinctive and full of gusto that its kind of hard to realize that this film owns a Best Director Award and Goodfellas does not.

    Despite all of this, the film is far from generic fare. Compare it to Live Free or Die and Even Money, two films from 2006 that nobody remembers, nor hasnt even heard of. Its a blessing that we have Scorsese either way, even if some of his films dont stand out as much as others. Execution, is what makes this film a great one despite its underwhelming story. Its a very tense, gripping, and well-crafted crime thriller, and often really does feel like The acting here is very good, as its one of the movies that made me realize that Leonardo DiCaprio can act very well. And yes, I do believe that Martin Scorseses direction is substantial. Theres still plenty of music placed perfectly here, as well as plenty of funny dialogue, grittiness, and brutal depiction of violence. Not one of his best, but it stands out rather well anyway.

    Dont believe the hype. This is certainly not his best film. In my opinion, this isnt even Scorseses best of the 00s, as both Gangs of New York and The Aviator stake up much better territory, and are both much more interesting. But still, if you are looking for another great film from one of Americas most well known Directors, check it out anyway.
    by: Quentin Tarantino Fan on Saturday, 14-August-2010
    by: B. Iglehart (Waco, Texas,USA)
    on: Thursday, 12-August-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    Really, really good movie. Great cast. Highly suspenseful.
    DiCaprio at his finest! Nerve-racking!
    by: B. Iglehart on Thursday, 12-August-2010
    by: Surferofromantica (Singapore)
    on: Wednesday, 14-July-2010
    • Currently 3/5 Stars.
    Another DiCaprio movie directed by Scorsese. This guy has worked with everyone!!! Here he is, working with Mark Wahlberg and Jack Nicholson and Matt Damon to remake the amazing Hong Kong crime drama Infernal Affairs, where the mob has a mole in the police and the police has a mole in the mob, played by Dicaprio and Damon. But which is which? Great action and guts, but somehow Dicaprio is sleepwalking through this one, with Damon more convincing as a seedy, sleazy recruit gone bad. Jack Nicholson is cocky, but not convincing as a crook somehow (?!?!?). The violence builds up and gets labyrinthine, as the two characters close in on each other. Great action, great guesswork, but somehow Dicaprio and Nicholson feel miscast.
    by: Surferofromantica on Wednesday, 14-July-2010
    by: . (United States)
    on: Tuesday, 29-June-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    I was not sure what to expect of this movie, but I was assuming it would be at least decent because I am a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio. It was an amazing movie. My younger brother, age 13, loved the movie and we had re-watched the movie three times for a day, and watched it again for the next.
    The producer did a great job of connecting the characters to the theories of Freud. I had not read the boo so i can not determine if he had stay true to it. However, the movie was great and completely different from what I had originally though, especially the ending. My brother and I very much so recommend watching this movie.
    by: . on Tuesday, 29-June-2010
    by: Cadence Morgan (United States)
    on: Friday, 25-June-2010
    • Currently 4/5 Stars.
    The Departed is definitely worth your time. The acting is well done and the plot is interesting and suspenseful. The ending of this movie is shocking and and leaves the you with the same shocked feeling as movie endings such as The Sixth Sense or Mystic River. You will not be disappointed.
    by: Cadence Morgan on Friday, 25-June-2010
    by: The Evaluator (Gainesville, FL)
    on: Thursday, 3-June-2010
    • Currently 3/5 Stars.
    A long movie. Pretty good until the last half hour. Then its like, How do we end this thing?
    Ending seems too twisty and contrived. Could have been a four star with a more logical ending.
    by: The Evaluator on Thursday, 3-June-2010
    by: Francis Mohajerin (Southern California)
    on: Tuesday, 1-June-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    Special features are a waste of time, I only care to watch the film. This is a great movie and looked good on the Blu-ray.
    by: Francis Mohajerin on Tuesday, 1-June-2010
    by: Manny M. Agah (United States)
    on: Monday, 12-April-2010
    • Currently 3/5 Stars.
    A watchable film, which--in my opinion--doesnt even come close to the outstanding Donnie Brascoe. The widescreen DVD is very good.
    by: Manny M. Agah on Monday, 12-April-2010
    by: Ignacious (United States)
    on: Sunday, 28-March-2010
    • Currently 4/5 Stars.
    I bought this before I watched it and must say that I am not disappointed. Good performances all the way around and Jack N still hasnt diminished over time. I pull it out and watch this thing and it never gets old every so often. I give it two thumbs up!
    by: Ignacious on Sunday, 28-March-2010
    by: Cassandra Osborne (United States)
    on: Monday, 8-March-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    the movie came quick and in perfect condition. the seller even emailed me to ensure I had received it and in the right condition. I am very impressed!
    by: Cassandra Osborne on Monday, 8-March-2010
    by: Loyd E. Eskildson (Phoenix, AZ.)
    on: Tuesday, 16-February-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    Martin Scorsese directs a top notch cast (Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Martin Sheen, Mark Wahlberg, Alec Baldwin, Vera Farmiga) in a violent story of covert lives, crossing and double-crossing gangsters and cops.

    Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) grew up in crime and is a rookie cop, which makes him a perfect mole for the mob. He proves himself and gets inside a mob run by boss Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson). His detective handlers, (Martin Sheen and Mark Wahlberg) are the only people inside the police force that know his identity.

    On the other hand, SIU officer Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) has everyones trust in the police force. He is so trusted that no one suspects hes Costellos mole.

    This movie is thrilling in how the plot unravels with true skill. Following the covert lives double crosses, collisions of violence it enthralls as you watch the tension, quick wits as the action comes to an amazing climax.
    by: Loyd E. Eskildson on Tuesday, 16-February-2010
    by: Richard (fl, usa)
    on: Tuesday, 16-February-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    Im often a bit behind the curve. Its no different with this movie having just seen it this weekend on HD DVD no less.

    I would have to say that Goodfellas has always been a great favorite of mine. Then I saw Casino which again I would describe as horribly fantastic.

    Suffice it to say, I cant exactly explain my fascination with Scorseses movies other than to say that they capture human depravity in a unique and striking way. I dont know if Scorseses insights into our horrendously flawed fleshly existence come to him by accident, or if he is somehow uniquely able to see into the baseness of the human psyche. But, regardless, this is cinema genius at work rivaling Shakespeares greatest tragedies in starkness, and complexity.

    With all that said, Departed is yet another great movie. Great acting by a host of great actors, excellent photography and environment, and smooth pacing. High tension and hold your breath action all the way through. An absolute classic. Highly recommended.
    by: Richard on Tuesday, 16-February-2010
    by: David R. Lingard (memphis tn)
    on: Sunday, 7-February-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    a movie than stands out and should be at a 5star standing its a good movie plain and simple go out and get this one today its enjoyable!!!
    by: David R. Lingard on Sunday, 7-February-2010
    by: F. Roberts (South Florida)
    on: Friday, 5-February-2010
    • Currently 4/5 Stars.
    I wont tell you the ending, but Its about the only bad thing about the movie. Its like Martin ran out of money and said, We just gotta end this thing!. Other than that this is one of my favorite movies ever. Jack delivers an amazing performance, as does Leo Dicaprio. The quips that Mark Wahlberg let out are priceless! This is one of the few times that an all star cast actually delivers on its promise. If you are a fan of any of Scorseses stuff then this shouldnt be any different. One of his best.
    by: F. Roberts on Friday, 5-February-2010
    by: James in Folsom (United States)
    on: Monday, 1-February-2010
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    Apparently the only reason is to have that nice academy award slip cover to look like the other newer Warner Home Video releases - the aspect ratio difference appears to be a typo, that wouldnt make much sense to change that. [...] has more if you want to read it.

    Really great movie by the way - Ill buy the new one because of the nice cover, same price :)

    James in Folsom CA
    by: James in Folsom on Monday, 1-February-2010
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    • Ship to Samoa
    • Ship to San Marino
    • Ship to Sao-tome and Principe
    • Ship to Saudi Arabia
    • Ship to Scotland
    • Ship to Senegal
    • Ship to Serbia & Montenegro
    • Ship to Seychelles
    • Ship to Sierra Leone
    • Ship to Singapore
    • Ship to Slovakia
    • Ship to Slovenia
    • Ship to Solomon Islands
    • Ship to Somalia
    • Ship to Somaliland
    • Ship to South Africa
    • Ship to Spain
    • Ship to Sri Lanka
    • Ship to St Kitts and Nevis
    • Ship to St Lucia
    • Ship to St Vincent
    • Ship to St. Barthelemy
    • Ship to St. Eustatius
    • Ship to St. Helena Island
    • Ship to St. Kitts and Nervis
    • Ship to St. Lucia
    • Ship to St. Maarten
    • Ship to St. Martin
    • Ship to St. Vincent
    • Ship to St.Eustatius
    • Ship to St.Maarten
    • Ship to Sudan
    • Ship to Suriname
    • Ship to Swaziland
    • Ship to Sweden
    • Ship to Switzerland
    • Ship to Syria
    • Ship to Tahiti
    • Ship to Taiwan
    • Ship to Tajikistan
    • Ship to Tanzania
    • Ship to Thailand
    • Ship to Tinian Island
    • Ship to Togo
    • Ship to Tonga
    • Ship to Trinidad & Tobago
    • Ship to Tunisia
    • Ship to Turkey
    • Ship to Turkmenistan
    • Ship to Turks and Caicos Islands
    • Ship to Tutuila Island
    • Ship to Tuvalu
    • Ship to Uganda
    • Ship to Ukraine
    • Ship to Ulster
    • Ship to United Arab Emirates
    • Ship to United Kingdom
    • Ship to United States
    • Ship to Uruguay
    • Ship to Uzbekistan
    • Ship to Vanuatu
    • Ship to Vatican City
    • Ship to Venezuela
    • Ship to Vietnam
    • Ship to Virgin Islands British
    • Ship to Virgin Islands U.S.
    • Ship to Wales
    • Ship to Wallis and Futuna
    • Ship to Western Samoa
    • Ship to Yap Island
    • Ship to Yemen
    • Ship to Yugoslavia
    • Ship to Zambia
    • Ship to Zimbabwe
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