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    Rework Station
    Tai'an Puhui Infrared Rework Station - T870A (220v)
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    Tai'an Puhui Infrared Rework Station - T870A (220v)
    Rework Station
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    • +  High heating effect: the tool heats at large areas, can rework 50 mm components in some minutes. The temperature can be adjusted. The large areas advanced is better to the rework of computers and playstations.
    • +  Super osmosis, heating uniformity: equally to the IC, the surface, front and back get the heat sync. the same heat to the components avoids it from cracking and distortion.
    • +  Radialization: with the infrared, it need not any heat leading media(such as air), and can rework on the component directly. For this, there won
    • +  The rework objects include: BGA, QFP, SOP, CSP, PLCC, DIP; soldering ball on BGA, unsoldering of BGA with pastern.
    • +  The dimension of the rework: 35*35-50*50 mm.
    • +  The arms can be turned around, right an left, up and down. The heater window can be adjusted according to the size of components, to protect the parts around the reworking.
    • +  Equip with controlling pre-heater: at first, heat on the whole circuit board, then heat on the IC with the infrared. The mode can avoid from distorting.
    • +  T870 is especially fit for the rework of larg quantities.
    Rework Station Description:
    The infrared rework station T870 appllies patent technology, work for the big as well as the small component. It can rework 35-50 mm component without any smelt tools. Using the infrared to heat, there is no sirocco produced so that it won't damage the small elements around. It is suitable for the BGA, QFP, CSP, PLCC, and the BGA with pastern. The work station is about 360*240 mm, big enough to meet the rework BGA of desktop, notebook, digital camera, play station etc. 220V Power supply, if need connect with 110v power, just use power converter to switch 220v to 110v power.
    Work principles:
    • About the off-infrared, in fact, it is wave length 30-100um infrared, sightless light. can radiate on the objects directly, and asorbed by it. then the radiotechnology convert into heat. It has wider absorbtion band so with obvious effect and strong penetration, easy for absorbed by the object. get the right temperature in a short time.
    • T870 can release the right vave length of infrared, penetrate to the inner of IC, make the numerator and atom resonated, then heated quickly, and let the heat lead to the soldering set, melt the soldering tin, then unsoldering the IC.

    Work voltage
    AC 220V / 50 Hz
    The power of the maching
    1000 W
    Infrared light power
    150 W
    Pre-heat classis power
    800 W
    The temperature range of infrared light
    The area of IC
    35*35 - 50*50
    Pre-heat area
    240*180 mm
    36*33*34 cm
    10 kg
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